A guide on finishing our Heritage Oak flooring

Our Heritage Oak is fast becoming a family home favourite. Once laid it is much like a reclaimed flooring, but with the consistency of our brand and the knowledge that surrounds it. With knots and undulations, our Heritage Oak is perfect for older homes, barn conversions and homes needing an injection of character. So there is no better time than any to discuss the finishing of these beautiful floorboards, adding to the story of your home.  

Our Heritage Oak boards are planed on the underside and only part planed on the topside which gives you beautiful undulations and texture in your flooring. The wood will initially looks very rustic and rough on these unplanned areas, and there may even be slight oil marks from the sawing process. Saw marks and grooves within the boards are to embraced with this style of flooring.

Close up of Heritage Oak flooring from UK Hardwoods

When the boards have been laid, we recommend using an angle grinder with a layered sanding disc to work into the flooring and accentuate the undulations. In boards where there are large cracks, work the grinder on either side of the crack to give it a soft curved edge each side. This creates an aged historic look. 

Sanding the whole board isn’t recommended if you want to achieve a look similar to that of photos on our Heritage Oak webpage. We recommend sanding the roughest parts of the boards, but leaving saw marks and other unplanned areas. Even some of the black oil marks look very effective once oiled. 

Close up of Heritage Oak flooring from UK Hardwoods
Close up of Heritage Oak flooring from UK Hardwoods

Seal your boards using a product such as Osmo Polyx Oil. The Heritage Oak boards will use slightly more oil than our Character Oak and Ash, so bare this in mind when purchasing finishes.  For larger knots and cracks that you chose to keep, you may wish to use a wood filler such as Morrells Two Part Wood Filler  . Always purchase a darker colour than you think to fill in these parts. Imagine the colour of the knots, rather than the boards when purchasing. 

Although rustic on arrival, this flooring is easy to finish and even easier to maintain looking beautiful once laid. It is a flooring that grows with you and your home and creates a unique living space for you and your family. Suitable in any design, and available in either T&G or square edge boards our Heritage Oak is an easy to lay flooring that can add history or character into your home.