Artist’s Residence in Dulverton

Somerset artist

Somerset artist Anne De Geus has recently moved from Sussex to Dulverton, on the edge of Exmoor. She has purchased a victorian town house on Guildhall Terrace, in the centre of Dulverton to live.  She renovated the property using UK Hardwoods Chestnut Flooring  (available on request) throughout the downstairs of the house.

On visiting UK Hardwood’s workshop here in Devon, Anne decided on chestnut boards as they displayed a lighter colour than the oak, and less character than the ash. The boards work well in rooms with less natural light, and are very similar to the ash boards in tone and texture.

The property consists of a hallway, sitting room and kitchen downstairs, to which Anne decided on a narrower mix of widths to be laid. We often find customers prefer narrower widths for smaller spaces whereas our large widths of 14″ look grand in vast rooms and open spaces.

Anne will continue to paint whilst in Dulverton, and so the robust nature of the wooden floor means that she is able to use the boarded area as a studio, without worrying about long lasting effects to the timber’s appearance.

Many of her paintings were of the South Downs, but now she finds her painting subjects have changed to suit the environment around her, and she now find herself as an Exmoor based artist. She sells her paintings across the UK with her most recent being found on her website here.

We don’t advertise our chestnut range of flooring via the website but will provide more information for our bespoke ranges on request. Follow the link to our Contact page.

Always more than happy to advise on flooring types, and their suitability in your own home.