Beautiful Home Office Flooring

home office

We’ve established that quite a lot of us work better from home than we would in the office. One study has found that home workers work on average 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. With advances in technology to allow us to work remotely, there is a strong argument to say, “gone are stressful mornings trying to leave the house, crowded and stuffy commutes are a thing of the past, and communal kitchens we may never have to speak of again.” Now that working from home is more of a certain, its important to have the right environment to work in, and this is where our Character Oak or Ash are perfect flooring ideas for your new office. 

Time and time again we tell people about the health benefits of being around wood. It reduces stress, it helps develop creativity and it can lower blood pressure, heart rates and levels of anxiety in your home/work environments. Having a natural Flooring in your home office offers a chance of tranquility as you work- what’s not to love! We believe connecting to nature within your home is very important. Harvard University have run a recent study detailing how the buildings in which we spend our time, have a unique ability to determine our emotional and physical well being. So please connect to nature and try it for yourself.  

ash timber shelf
Internal oak cladding

Our home office environments look like they’re staying for a while longer but in the event you are called back to your 8-6 (lets not pretend its 9-5), you’re going to be left with a beautiful in your home that will last for generations to come. Have a look at our gallery for some comforting inspiration. Office carpets, vinyl and engineered flooring come with a life span, whereas our flooring comes with a lifetime of use for you, your family and you house. Our heritage oak is a floor that looks as if it’s been part of the family home for years already, whereas our character oak and ash offer a more polished feel to your office. Either way, all look fabulous on a zoom call.