Lucy and James Hughes, Bampton

oak beam

Recently married, Lucy and James chose UK Hardwoods Ash flooring as a wedding present to themselves. In Frog Street, Bampton lies a small semi-detached cottage, with an expansive secret garden to the rear, perfect for the couple who are expecting their second child.

Having lived in the cottage for a few years, they decided to use money gifted to them from their wedding to renovate the downstairs area of their house, to create a more family friendly room, where bare feet were not met with cold tiles, but instead warm Ash flooring.

Joinery timber
ash wood flooring

The couple enjoy the outdoors, with James part owning and running the local country pursuits shop in Dulverton. Their love of nature and the outdoors can be seen through the number of houseplants throughout the room, hanging in macramé holders made by Lucy with a helping hand from their four year old daughter.

Lucy follows fashion and textiles and has layered their house in beautiful fabrics that she finds in local charity shops and car boot sales, she works part time as the deputy manager for a charity shop in Dulverton. Lucy was specifically drawn to Ash flooring because it has the ability to naturally transform a room into a relaxing space, which is just what Lucy needed after a hard day at work.

ash timber
real wood flooring

With a second baby on the way, they wanted a soft colour and texture to the room where the children would be able to play barefoot, and the adults could relax.

The Ash flooring we bought from UK Hardwoods couldn’t be better. We were always able to pick up the phone and talk to somebody, and we used their recommended layer too, who was fantastic.

Lucy and James Hughes, Bampton