Richard and Zoe Gregory, Braunton

sold wood flooring

Braunton, in the heart of north Devon’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), is also the home of Zoe and Richard Gregory and their 11 year old son Isaac. The powerful purple front door of their Georgian home on South Street welcomes you in from the relaxed coastal village. Having fallen in love with the house on their first visit, they spend most of their time working and renovating the house to create a beautiful living space.

The couple have used UK Hardwood’s wood throughout the property. All the shelving and worktops are sourced from the workshop here at UK Hardwoods. They have used Character Oak flooring in their sitting and dining rooms.

Zoe and Richard spoke directly to Tom Bedford at UK Hardwoods and requested that they would prefer to have narrower Character Oak wood flooring, rather than the wide boards that UK Hardwoods are renowned for. UK Hardwoods was able to provide the couple with boards of 3” and 4” widths to meet their brief.

Character Oak boards
solid oak flooring

In the opulent dining room of the family home, they have chosen to keep the colour and tone of the boards rich, by using a non-staining hardware oil, keeping the boards as natural as possible. The velvety soft texture of the boards lends itself to the materials and patterns used around the room. A grand gold mirror sits on top of a marble fireplace as you enter, with the flooring leading you further in to this luxurious dining space.

Over the hall from the dining room, where Zoe and Richard have also chosen to use UK Hardwood’s Character Oak wood flooring, is the sitting room, a place to relax and unwind, with gentle reminders of the home’s proximity to the coast. They have stained the boards a light colour, giving an appearance similar to that of driftwood.

Character Oak Flooring
real wood flooring

The room is simple and quiet, with light coloured sofas and a wood burning stove to enjoy the room in the darker winter months. Again, narrower boards have been used in this room, adding to its slight nautical feel.

The use of UK Hardwood’s Character Oak wood flooring through this property has given something back to the impressive building on South Street, marking it different to the other houses on the street, and giving something to the home and family that will last for generations to come.

oak wood flooring

We’ve used UK Hardwoods for 6 different jobs in our home and office. Tom’s precise advice and his stories behind the timber we’ve used have given our projects a warmth and meaning that we enjoy and value, way beyond the beauty and stability of the wood.

Richard Gregory