Cleaning Your Solid Wood Floor

Internal oak cladding

Once your solid wood floor is installed in your living space, you may want some further advise on cleaning and maintaining it. Our floors are especially easy to look after and they preserve their beautiful natural state if treated correctly. One benefit of a solid wood floor over that of engineered and other laminates, is that any noticeable marks from wear and tear can be sanded out if absolutely necessary. However, we believe it is the creation of these marks which gives your floor its character and charm, and makes it part of your home.

Our wood floors don’t mark easily. Being hardwood, they are far less likely to mark from any shoe damage or furniture marks than softwood floors or engineered. However, we do advise using soft pads at the base of your furniture.

wooden floor cleaning

For everyday cleaning, a brush is perfectly fine, or you can use a vacuum cleaner. Mop as little as possible. It is fine to mop, but excess moisture should be avoided, so use hot water that will evaporate quickly. We recommend using Osmo Wash and Care for cleaning your wood floor. For a more natural product, but equally as effective and available in most supermarkets, use Method Squirt & Mop. 

Every few years you may want to use Bourne’s Traffic Wax to give your floor some added shine. This can be applied (read label as dependant on the final finish you use on your floor) and buffed into the grain. It removes dullness from the floor. Many people choose never to use this product, but for customers who prefer a high satin sheen, it’s a good method to use every few years. 


The most important point to remember is that all spills should be wiped up and dried as quickly as possible. If there is ever any serious damage to any of your boards, unlike engineered floors, sanding them is a perfectly viable option. With up to 21mm of depth, you can sand out most marks. However, we are always happy to supply our floor boards to match your width requirements, and offer advise. Watch our video below for maintenance and cleaning tips for your wooden floor.