Home Improvements COVID-19


We’re not long into our self isolation and home working routine, but we’ve had a lot of you are asking us for inspiration on home improvements you can tackle yourself. We’ve included a list below of some relatively easy DIY tasks using wood. We’ve included some links in our post to other articles or papers detailing the science behind the positive benefits of using wood in a working environment. It brings with it a focused mind, a positive attitude and higher concentration levels. We’ve included a few garden jobs too for when you need a break from number crunching and office duties. We can supply all of the wood for the jobs below- but if you have any other wood based home improvements you need help with, let us know.

Adding wood to your home will help with your mental well being, and also have significant benefits to your work space.  We talk later about cladding a wall in your home, or perhaps laying a UK Hardwoods ltd wooden floor, but if you want to start off with just a small step, perhaps try fitting a wood shelf. Either a live edge shelf with bark still included, or a square edge board for a slick sharp design. Jacki Schirmer, an Associate Professor at Canberra University teaches about the unique benefits of using wood in your home office environment “People working in spaces with high proportions of wooden surfaces have a heightened sense of wellbeing and productivity. They’re also more likely to find their workplaces relaxing, inviting and energising.’” We can cut shelves to any size, and arrange collection, or have them delivered.

wood shelf

Another way to create a more natural wood based environment for your home office design is to lay a solid wood floor. Our flooring can be delivered to your home within 7 working days of ordering and can be fitted by either a carpenter or yourself at home. We advise to ideally lay the flooring on to batons, but you can also fix to a concrete floor or existing floor boards. We give a lot of advise for screwing and gluing techniques. Samples of our different flooring ranges can be posted out for you to feel the different types, and see which one best suits your home and design. All of our wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems. 

Historically, paint or wall paper has been used to change the design of a room, but we’re offering one better than that. Internal wood cladding creates a natural, warm environment for your home. We offer cladding boards of different timbers which can be fitted to your already existing wall. The use of wood in your home has significant health benefits for those working from there. This interesting article explains the use of wood to bring balance and clarity into the workspace, and why we become more focused when working with the material in our offices. The cladding comes as tongue and groove panels, easy to slot together and transform your home office quickly and easily. 

wood cladding
pergola devon

There is no better time to spend in the garden as the spring appears and we need an extra burst of positivity in our lives. We offer beams cut to size for pergola building and for other garden structures. The pergola in this blog has been charred by us here at UK Hardwoods ltd to improve its durability, but it’s mainly been done for aesthetic reasons. A pergola takes only take a few days to build one components are ready, at which point you can start to grow plants up through the pergola to create dappled shade. There are some good suggestions of pergola climbers here for when the project is all built.

Beat the supermarket rush and plant your own vegetables in raised beds. Using oak sleepers which we have in stock here at UK Hardwoods ltd, you can create a natural and resistant vegetable garden for your family that will last for years to come. The use of cheaper tantalised timber isn’t advised if you’re going to be eating the vegetables which grow inside the beds, which is why we recommend oak as a material instead. Primrose Gardens explains the longevity of oak over softwood sleepers for this specific use. You can create as large or as small a raised bed as you like and we will be able to cut the pieces for you, but do remember the useful width of 60cm in order to walk your wheelbarrow around it.