Meet the Maker in Devon Homes Magazine

We have great pride for our be inspired page on our website. As a team at UK Hardwoods we love to hear about individual customer stories or see photos of our products once installed.  So when Devon Home magazine suggested doing an article about us, it seemed to come a full circle. 

The article covers the brief history of the tree’s importance in British culture, with many being introduced by the Romans. Tom’s favourite tree here is a Sweet chestnut tree- bought in by the Romans more than 700 years ago. The history of the tree is important to us as a company, as we continue to tell the story of that tree through to the customer’s home. 


Each floorboard, or beam we supply is lovingly crafted, and we can tell you a little bit about where it has come from, again, adding to the history of your space.  Each piece has something special about it- there is a perfect example of this if you look on our most recent instagram posts, you can see a very special floorboard with Goat Moth holes through it. 

We emphasise the importance of the locality and traceability of our timber. “Some people buy wood because they want to paint it, but more and more people are buying wood because they want to see it. They also care about the supply chain, traceability and welfare. They want traditional native species, are more locally minded and don’t want it to travel too many miles.”

Check out the article by Devon Home Magazine online.