About Us

Authentic British timber since 1979

We’ve been crafting real wood flooring and other timber for individual homes and the hospitality trade since 1979. In the late seventies Steven Bedford recognised a demand for real wood flooring, having produced some solid oak flooring for his own house. UK Hardwoods now specialise in producing exceptional solid wide board flooring with a width of up to 400mm, over double that of most commercial sawmills.

A demand for quality hardwood flooring to last for generations to come.

Sprouting to sapling

In 2011 Steven’s son Tom began to take over the management of the company. Tom decided to specialise in creating bespoke flooring using only English hardwood giving the workshop a remarkably unique aspect compared to other flooring options.

400mm board width using only authentic British timber.

Tom Bedford
Tom & Polly UK Hardwoods

Mature tree

As the business has grown Tom, who now runs UK Hardwoods, has been devoted to preserving the traceability of all the hardwood flooring and other timber produced. The conversion of tree to floorboard happens entirely in the workshop in Devon, still using hardwood grown in the family’s own managed woodland and from certified British woodland and estates.

The entire process is carried out in our sustainably run workshop in Devon.

We live and breathe our wood

Since taking on the business Tom met his girlfriend Polly. Together they have designed and converted a dutch barn close to the timber yard. They have timber framed the barn, using wood cladding and real wood flooring in parts of the home. They’re happy to show you their home and the flooring ranges UK Hardwoods offer. A lovely place to sit and have a cup of tea whilst discussing your flooring and the other products on offer.

We’re able to trace the origin of each hardwood floorboard. Always from England, predominantly from the south west.

oak beams
tree rings

Our roots

We’ve grown organically since 1979 and have been supported entirely by our customers, the roots of our business. Repeat custom and word of mouth continue to be the main influences on the workshop’s growth. The combination of our exceptional knowledge of timbers and the recognition of each customer’s project mean we deliver an exceptional experience and product every time.

Our ethos is to produce exceptional boards for your individual order, naturally beautiful and sustainable.

Our branches

UK Hardwoods produce some of the finest real wood flooring in England. We can recommend some skilled, talented craftsmen for priming, sanding or laying. We don’t branch out into this ourselves.

A family run business from 1979 and beyond…

UK certified woodlands