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  • All door sizes accommodated
  • Available in Oak, Ash, Brown Oak and Chestnut
  • Skirting and architraves can be moulded
  • Matches our flooring ranges

To match your solid wood flooring, we can also produce Oak and Ash skirting boards and architraves, introducing your floor to the wall in a sympathetic way. Following your brief we create square edge or rounded moulds, giving you peace of mind that your flooring will match. As with our flooring, all of our skirting boards and architraves are kiln dried to a moisture content of 11%.

We create wood door kits consisting typically of three boards, and three ledges. Braces, door stops & door linings can be produced too.  Many customers prefer to use the door kit complementing the flooring type that they have chosen. We’ve been producing our door kits since 1979 and can talk you through the assembly of them very easily, so simply contact us to discuss your ideas.

FAQs for Accessories and Extras Products

  • What height is the skirting?

    You can request skirting in any height, our most popular is 150mm high.

  • Do you provide other doors?

    Yes, we can machine any joinery timber to the door sizes you require for fitting.

  • Do you supply whole doors?

    We supply the kits and can recommend joiners, but we specialise in the oak itself, and leave the door making to the professionals.

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Process Selection
Each tree is expertly selected from certified UK woodlands
Process Knowledge
Our trees are skillfully sawn, stacked and dried, working with the tree’s natural characteristics to create timeless pieces
Process Creation
Your order is prepared by hand and machine in our Devon workshop and confirmed with your brief
Process Communication
We communicate and discuss your ideas with you, offering guidance and support throughout your decision making