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Estate Oak Range / Escot Estate

“How pleasant the banks of the clear winding Devon”
Robert Burns

Our current range uses trees from the royally visited Escot Estate, Exeter. Devon’s famously pretty hills and vast moors are reflected as cat’s paws and expansive wide boards, from 125mm-380mm in this truly unique Estate Range. Capability Brown, once landscape gardener of Escot, both designed and built various gardens and woodlands on this estate. The open nature of the Escot woodlands has grown some of the highest quality timber available for flooring in the England.

The original Devon Estate was created in 1678.  The mansion, having been rebuilt in 1838 after fire damage is a pretty limestone and yellow brick. We have reflected the smart clean shapes of architect James Wyatt through the Escot Range flooring, producing elegant boards, with medullary rays and cat’s paws to portray the whimsical Devon Estate.

Escot Estate has worked closely with UK Hardwoods sourcing truly exquisite trees, to produce a rare and unique real wood flooring range whilst preserving the historic, protected landscape. Capability Brown, most famously recognised for landscaping at Bleinham Palace, purposely planted trees in this estate which require cultivation so as to encourage management of the land for generations to come. UK Hardwoods offers this exclusive historic range giving our customers a chance to lay a once in a lifetime flooring in their homes.

The Oaks that were planted have been continuously well managed, reflected in the extra wide boards that the Estate Range has produced. The Estate now is recognised for its wildlife and nature conservation, having one of the only native red squirrel populations in the UK and being free of the grey squirrel, which is renowned for destroying and damaging Oaks. The trees that have grown in this environment are truly unique and well managed throughout their historic life in the estate. We have been sympathetic in our milling process, using the tree’s history to produce some of the finest flooring boards available.

The Escot Oak flooring has a warm honey colour mixed with lighter wicker tones. Rare cat’s paws scatter the boards giving a light pippy character to the flooring which is reflective of the pretty Devon landscape seen from Escot Estate. Though the real wood flooring boards have character, they are smooth and velvet soft to the touch of bare feet. This flooring can be used over underfloor heating systems.

As a limited flooring contact us to discuss your ideas or get an instant quote by using our online estimate calculator, we can then send through more information and hear about your designs and project. All Estate Ranges come as tongue and groove flooring or square edge.


Process Selection
Each tree is expertly selected from certified UK woodlands
Process Knowledge
Our trees are skillfully sawn, stacked and dried, working with the tree’s natural characteristics to create timeless pieces
Process Creation
Your order is prepared by hand and machine in our Devon workshop and confirmed with your brief
Process Communication
We communicate and discuss your ideas with you, offering guidance and support throughout your decision making