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Estate Oak Range Flooring Estimator

We are currently producing our Estate Range flooring from either the Escot Estate or Pentille Castle. This is a traceable and stately range for a customer who seeks provenance from their natural wood floor. Similar in appearance to our Character Oak with a range of cat paws and medullary rays. For this range we use our widest boards not available in other flooring ranges. Our Estate Oak Range flooring comes with a stately story, and a certificate of origin, pinpointing the exact source at which your flooring grew. All of our Estate Oak Range trees are chosen specifically from managed and certified Estates in the UK.

Depending on the estate, the honey tones and colouring of the flooring may differ, so always request a sample. We only use the heartwood in the face of our boards, so you will see no sapwood. Our Estate Oak Range flooring adds a warm history to your home, and provides you with a flooring to benefit generations to come.


  • Perfect for historical homes or homes local to a particular estate
  • Hard wearing
  • Under floor heating compatible
  • 21mm depth
  • 125cm- 355cm
  • 1m-4.5m

We do not supply the finishes below, these are purely for inspiration. All of our flooring comes planed and unfinished for you to add the finishes you require after the unfinished flooring has been delivered.


FAQs for Estate Oak Range Flooring

  • Do I need to sand the boards?

    The boards are planed to a smooth finish all round. Some customers sand the boards to create a more glossy finish, whereas others leave them unsanded.

  • Can you plane these to a different depth?

    We can on request, but this is the best depth for the nature of the board.

  • Can I use these in a bathroom?

    Yes, but we would advise using an extra coat of your finishing product on top.

  • Can I visit the Estate?

    Depending on whether the Estate is open to public or not, you may be able to visit the exact spot where the trees grew.

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Process Selection
Each tree is expertly selected from certified UK woodlands
Process Knowledge
Our trees are skillfully sawn, stacked and dried, working with the tree’s natural characteristics to create timeless pieces
Process Creation
Your order is prepared by hand and machine in our Devon workshop and confirmed with your brief
Process Communication
We communicate and discuss your ideas with you, offering guidance and support throughout your decision making