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Heritage Oak Flooring Estimator

Heritage solid Oak wood flooring from UK Hardwoods rolls and glides to emphasise the character of the grain. Larger knots, occasional inactive worm holes and undulations in the flooring mean it is often described as rustic wood flooring. The beauty of this flooring is that it still retains its luxurious glossy and silky feel when walking over it with bare feet. Rare boards will sometimes display cat’s paws and medullary rays, giving the flooring a unique array of characterful markings. This flooring is perfect for older, listed or character projects, where it is important to be sympathetic to the building, without compromising on design.


  • Perfect for listed buildings
  • Under floor heating compatible
  • 25mm depth
  • 125mm- 305mm (up to 355mm on request)
  • 1m-4.5m

We do not supply the finishes below, these are purely for inspiration. All of our flooring comes planed and unfinished for you to add the finishes you require after the unfinished flooring has been delivered.

Heritage Oak Osmo Polyx Oil Honey Tint
Osmo Polyx Oil, Honey Tint
Heritage Oak Osmo Polyx Oil Tint Gold
Osmo Polyx Oil, Gold Tint
Heritage Oak Osmo Polyx Clear Matt
Osmo Polyx Oil, Clear Matt
Morrells Hard Wax Sticks and Polyx Osmo Terra
Morrells Classique Stain Jacobean

FAQs for Heritage Oak Flooring

  • Do I need to sand the boards?

    The boards are planed all round, but the face of the board will need sanding to ‘work into’ the undulations. We can offer advice on how to best sand to create an authentic flooring.

  • Can you plane these to a different depth?

    We can on request, but this is the best depth for the appearance shown.

  • Can I use these in a bathroom?

    Yes, but we would advise using an extra coat of your finishing product on top.

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