Cladding / Internal Cladding


  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Professionally kiln dried
  • A range of profiles
  • Ash, Oak or Chestnut
  • 15mm depth
  • 1.0m-4.0m lengths
  • 75mm- 250mm widths
  • Sustainably sourced, milled and crafted

Our internal cladding has long been a favourite in many family homes across the country. We produce kiln dried cladding in Ash, Chestnut or Oak, all sourced from the UK, and fully traceable. Our boards for internal cladding are machined to order with either a planed smooth finish, or a rougher ‘sawn’ appearance for a more rustic interior finish. We provide our cladding in a tongue and groove profile a TG & V profile or just a simple square edge profile. We expertly chose each board for your order and can produce your wood cladding at a range of width and lengths when needed.

FAQs for Internal Cladding

  • Which profile should I choose T&G, TG&V or square edge?

    Most often cladding is TG&V. This is when there is a slight groove between the boards. It means that any small steps you may see, are disguised. We can machine it to any of the profiles you want though.

  • How thick is your cladding?

    We machine our cladding to 15mm or 21mm. The thinner cladding is usually very popular as less heavy for walls or ceilings.

  • Can I have cladding on my ceiling?

    Yes, this is a very popular customer request. A wood cladding on your ceiling adds light and texture to a room.

  • What lengths does your cladding come in?

    Our cladding is most often sold as mixed lengths, although you can specify lengths if needed.

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Process Selection
Each tree is expertly selected from certified UK woodlands
Process Knowledge
Our trees are skillfully sawn, stacked and dried, working with the tree’s natural characteristics to create timeless pieces
Process Creation
Your order is prepared by hand and machine in our Devon workshop and confirmed with your brief
Process Communication
We communicate and discuss your ideas with you, offering guidance and support throughout your decision making