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Joinery Timber

Dry joinery timber

Where do we start? We’re a British sawmill, sawing and professionally drying English hardwoods. We never import any timber, and every tree and board stocked in our yard was grown in Britain. We’re Grown in Britain certified and can offer full traceability of your joinery timber.

We stock joinery quality Brown Oak, Oak, Chestnut and Ash. We have a good selection of quarter sawn English Oak which you’re welcome to sort through and choose the perfect boards to match your project. Once our joinery timber has been selected and sawn we slowly season it over a number of years in our climate controlled shed and bring it to the moisture level of 11%. We keep all of our joinery timber in our eco-build climate controlled shed until you choose the board you need. 

From here, customers can select boards to suit their own projects. We sell our joinery timber by the board, and can occasionally plane on site for customers. We provide a collection service on Tuesday and Thursday mornings where you can visit the yard, and pick out pieces for your project.

Creating seating outside Canary Wharf Station, sailing boats in Salcombe, tea towel holders for Rick Stein, our joinery timber has been used by expert carpenters to create magnificent pieces for generations. Our strong ethos is followed throughout every aspect of UK Hardwoods, only ever using trees sourced in the UK.

FAQs for Joinery Timber

We stock boards up to 6” thick, which are at a moisture content of 11%.

We have plenty in stock of all species.

We can do this on site for additional cost. We recommend purchasing the board big enough for your project and using a carpenter/joiner to cut and plane to size. 

Our timber is all seasoned or kilned to 11% and stored in our climate controlled shed.


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