Solid Wood Flooring Grown and Produced in Devon

devon wood

Our flooring is part of a traceable process carried out here in Devon. We source our trees predominantly from the South West of England and use them for beams, cladding and other products. However, our flooring timber is sourced only from local Devon and Cornwall estates and well managed woodlands. Here we discuss the importance of keeping our tree purchasing local, and what it means for our customers.

Buying the trees involves Tom, owner of UK Hardwoods, visiting them in the woodland where they have grown. Tom will meet the forester on site and discuss the tree’s life story, and how they have come to be sold. Some trees will have blown over, whereas others will be part of an active management plan for the woodlands. Buying local trees in Devon gives Tom the opportunity to visit the trees himself and assess their quality, whilst building relationships with the estate foresters.

walking on devon wood
devon wood stacked

If the trees are purchased, having been of the high quality needed to produce our solid wood flooring, then they will be delivered to the yard and sorted into lengths ready for sawing. Our customer base is spread across the UK. However, knowing that your flooring has had a low environmental impact is important to both us and to you. In our drive for sustainable production, we try to reduce travel lengths, which is yet just another reason for sourcing our trees local to Devon.

When sawing, each pack produced is given a tag number to identify the woodland or estate that the boards have come from. The packs contain boards of all the same length from the same woodlands. These boards go on to produce our renowned extra wide and extra long floor boards up to 4.5m in length and up to 14” wide. 

sawing devon wood
devon wood flooring

Oak trees that grow in Devon, grow in a different way to those that grow in a warmer climate. The Devon and Cornwall Oak trees have a higher percentage of character and undulations in them, which is subsequently used in our Heritage Oak flooring. Our Character Oak flooring still encompasses the landscape of Devon, with pippy character shown in most boards, but the boards are planed flat and have no undulations.

Customers from across the UK enjoy our solid wood flooring. We can send samples in the post, but if you are local to our workshop, then please come and view our range of flooring samples and wood flooring here in Devon. We can also show you our flooring laid in our nearby barn conversion, only a 5 minute drive from our Devon workshop. Currently our flooring ranges are produced from trees grown in Clinton Devon Estate, Devon, Pentillie Estate, Devon, and, Escot Estate, Devon.