Using Our Floors In Your Listed Property

There are estimated to be 500,000 listed buildings in the UK today listed in the National Heritage List for England . The principles set by Historic England are that all buildings built before 1850 which survive in an original condition, should be listed. Careful consideration and selection goes towards buildings nominated for the period after 1945. More modern buildings, less than 30 years old are not normally considered at this point in time. 

Listed building
Listed property

We’ve partnered with The Listed Property Owners Club to offer specialist advice and peace of mind to owners of listed properties. Many of our current customers were purchasing our wide plank flooring for installation within their home and wanted further knowledge on the history of  Flooring in their listed property. We had also experienced customers from across the British Isles source our extra wide floor boards from us for their historic build, and so thought it the perfect time to partner with the club.

During the Tudor and Jacobean period (1485-1625) there was an abundance of wood in England which allowed craftsmen the ability to chose the best boards for flooring. It was not uncommon in this era to see very wide boards laid in many homes.  The craftsmen of this time would use a mixed width selection of boards, which we specialise in here at UK Hardwoods. Being able to offer wide board flooring up to 355mm gives customers the option to replace boards like for like and restore the historic value into their home. We are able to prepare boards to any width needed, and can match current wide board flooring to customer’s width requirements.

Heritage oak
heritage oak

Listed properties are something we feel passionate about at UK Hardwoods ltd. We believe that our flooring is as close to that of traditional wide plank flooring as it can be. We source local trees, prepare our timber using a sustainable process and produce authentic historic flooring. We produce our Heritage Oak especially for use in listed buildings, with the undulations and character of the boards, matching that of a historic home. With this reclaimed flooring look, you can work with uneven levels and curved cob walls to create a characterful and genuine floor.

We are attending the Listed Property Show in October 2020 in Bristol Passenger Shed, where we will have a large display of our Heritage Oak, which is our more rustic flooring, as well as other flooring choices we offer. Being part of The Listed Property Owners Club allows you free access to help and advice, magazine updates and a suppliers network  for your home. We’re featuring The Stag, Rackenford in the June edition of the magazine, and going into more depth about the flooring of the 12 century pub.

stag Rackenford