Our Team

Like the trees we carefully cut and craft into beautiful hardwood products, we all have a story.

From their roles at the sawmill to their favourite trees, here’s everything you need to know about the Coppice & Crown team.

Tom bedford

Tom Bedford


Say hello to Tom, the timber whiz and head honcho of our family business. With an obsession for British hardwoods and a flair for design, he’s the genius behind our colossal glulam structure, crafted from the finest local timber. When you give us a bell, Tom’s cheery voice awaits, ready to chew the cud on all things timber.

Tom’s favourite tree – Chestnut 

Polly Bedford


Allow us to introduce you to Polly, the creative mind behind the enchantment at UK Hardwoods. Polly’s meticulous attention to detail seamlessly aligns with her passion for working with splendid raw materials and uncovering exciting opportunities for our mill. With an eternal love affair with interiors, she’s the one for unlocking the secrets of mesmerizing colors and tones for your project.  Seeking a sprinkle of expert guidance? Polly is one of our top experts to consult. 

Polly’s favourite tree – Sycamore 

Ed Williams

Head sawyer

In 2021, we welcomed Ed aboard as our esteemed Head Sawyer, the timber whisperer of our team. With a discerning eye, he carefully examines each tree upon arrival, assigning it a special spot within our operation. You’ll find him in the workshop, skillfully sawing beams, crafting top-notch joinery grade, and assembling flooring packs. Ed’s collaboration with Tom and Polly brings forth extraordinary custom timber creations for our cherished customers.

Ed’s favourite tree – Douglas fir.

Leif Urry-clark

Saw and workshop support

Leif, our talented addition to the team, was warmly recommended by his friend and now fellow workmate, Henry. Fresh off his A-level triumphs in Psychology, Biology, and Sports, Leif brings a diverse skill set to the table. You’ll frequently spot him collaborating with Tom, diligently assisting in the preparation of final orders at our timber storage yard.

Leif’s favourite tree – Redwood 

Henry McCarthy

Saw and workshop support

In 2022, we welcomed Henry with open arms, as he sought a workplace that perfectly complemented his deep-rooted love for the great outdoors. With a background in outdoor education from college and his role at the mill, Henry’s days are anything but ordinary. His dynamic presence harmonises with Ed as they join forces on the bottom saw, skilfully transforming trees into boards primed for the drying process.

Henry’s favourite tree – Cedar of Lebanon tree

Reuben Greenidge

Sales manager

Say hello to Reuben, our newest addition to the family, who traded in his fast-paced sales and consultancy career for a more grounded and fulfilling role. As part of our friendly office team, Reuben joins forces with Polly to ensure smooth operations and delightful customer experiences. If you’ve had the pleasure of speaking with us over the phone, chances are you’ve engaged in a lively conversation with Reuben himself. He’s all ears when it comes to your projects and loves getting to know the ins and outs of your endeavours.

Reuben’s favourite tree – Oak

Sugar Bedford

Chief chewer

Meet Sugar, our delightful Red Fox Labrador X Cocker who brings a wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm to our yard. As our official greeter, she showers every customer with tail-wagging welcomes. You’ll frequently find her basking in the cozy comfort of our office’s underfloor heating or joyfully exploring sawdust heaps, her nose sniffing out every interesting scent.

When the workday is done, Sugar retreats to her blissful abode in Tom and Polly’s nearby barn conversion. With her charming personality and photogenic looks, she often steals the spotlight on our Instagram page. Living just a short walk away from the yard, Sugar begins and ends each day with a leisurely stroll across the enchanting River Mole and through the breathtaking woodlands. Sugar’s presence adds a touch of furry magic to our team, making every visit to the yard a paw-some experience!

Sugar’s favourite tree – Oak 

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