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wooden kitchen beams

Creating seating outside Canary Wharf Station, sailing boats in Salcombe, tea towel holders for Rick Stein, our joinery timber has been used by expert carpenters to create magnificent pieces for generations. Our strong ethos is followed throughout every aspect of UK Hardwoods, only ever using trees sourced in the UK.  Contact us for any more information.

We expertly saw our trees specifically for use as joinery timber and have a stock of Oak, Brown Oak, Chestnut, Ash, and other timbers that we can cut and plane on site to order. We kiln dry our timber to 11% and keep in in our climate controlled workshop on site. We provide a collection service on Tuesday and Thursday mornings where you can visit the yard, and pick out pieces for your project.Contact us by sending an email to let us know you’re coming, or to ask for a quote for certain pieces you need.

wood cladding
Process Selection
Each tree is expertly selected from certified UK woodlands
Process Knowledge
Our trees are skillfully sawn, stacked and dried, working with the tree’s natural characteristics to create timeless pieces
Process Creation
Your order is prepared by hand and machine in our Devon workshop and confirmed with your brief
Process Communication
We communicate and discuss your ideas with you, offering guidance and support throughout your decision making