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Unveiling the timeless legacy of British timber

In the late seventies, Steven Bedford recognised a demand for authentic wood products, having crafted solid oak pieces for his own home. This realisation marked the beginning of UK Hardwoods’ journey. Since then, we have specialised in crafting exquisite timber products that capture the essence of nature and the beauty of British craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail quickly established us as experts in the field.

A demand for quality hardwood to last for generations.

Growing up with timber

We understand the value of quality hardwood that lasts for generations. As the years passed, Steven’s son Tom stepped into a leadership role, bringing fresh ideas and a remarkable vision to the company. Under Tom’s guidance, UK Hardwoods became synonymous with bespoke timber creations, exclusively crafted using English hardwood. This unique aspect sets us apart, creating an authentic and distinctive experience for our customers.

Bespoke creations using only authentic British timber.

Guaranteed traceability

Traceability and sustainability are paramount to our values. Tom, now at the helm of UK Hardwoods, is devoted to preserving the traceability of all our hardwood timber. Every step of the conversion process, from tree to finished product, occurs in our sustainably run workshop in Devon. We take pride in using hardwood sourced from certified British woodland and estates as well as our family’s managed woodland.

The entire process is carried out in our sustainably run workshop in Devon.

Wood is a way of life

Our commitment goes beyond business—it’s a way of life. Tom’s passion for wood extends to his personal life as well. Together with his wife Polly, they have transformed a Dutch barn near the timber yard into their home, employing timber framing, wood cladding, and stunning timber elements throughout. They also designed and built what is thought to be the largest UK grown glulam timber shed, which is nominated for the Wood Awards 2023. They warmly invite you to visit their sawmill and workshop, where you can explore the remarkable timber ranges offered by UK Hardwoods.

We’re able to trace the origin of each hardwood floorboard. Always from England, predominantly from the South West.

Humble beginnings

We have grown organically, fuelled by the support of our loyal customers—the roots of our business. Repeat custom and word of mouth recommendations have been pivotal in the growth of our workshop. Our exceptional knowledge of timbers, combined with our ability to understand and fulfil each customer’s unique project, ensures an extraordinary experience and product every time.

Crafting exceptional, naturally beautiful, and sustainable timber products.


At UK Hardwoods, we specialise in producing some of the finest timber products in England. While our expertise lies in crafting remarkable timber, we understand the importance of a comprehensive service. Therefore, we are pleased to recommend skilled and talented craftsmen for priming, sanding, or installation, should you require these additional services. We believe in partnering with trusted professionals to bring your vision to life.

Preserving natures masterpieces, nurturing authentic British timber since 1979

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