UK Hardwoods Spotlight on Yaffle & Bosk

Sawmill News / 15 April 2024

yaffle & bosk

A friend of UK Hardwoods.......

Yaffle & Bosk is a good friend and loyal customer to us here at UK Hardwoods and has been purchasing kiln dried joinery timber from us here in Devon for at least 10 years . Having met the director, Rob Williams when he had recently moved from London to Devon, we were able to supply a constant and locally sourced supply of Devon Oak and Ash for his expanding business. With nearly 20 years of joinery experience, Rob was able to channel his high end skills into a product that now sells far and wide across the UK.

Yaffle & Bosk produce high quality, ‘low mileage’ furniture and are devoted to the sustainability and traceability of the wood they use for their work. Using only the highest quality kiln dried wood from our collection here in Devon, Rob is able to produce fabulously beautiful, functional pieces of hardwood furniture for your home. Using only British timber, they produce homeware pieces and stunning tables to suit your lifestyle and space, bespoke to you.

yaffle & bosk

Unique Sustainable Furniture......

Buying locally is as important to Yaffle & Bosk as it is to us here at our Devon sawmill- and this is a key part of our relationship with the company. All of their furniture is made from British timber, but Rob is able to give the added edge of traceability and provenance to each wooden furniture piece he crafts. Being affiliated with Grown in Britain,  we can tell Rob the exact county and woodland or estate that his Oak and Ash boards have been grown in, and he is then able to pass this down the chain to his customer. Each piece, such as the Sail Loft table, or the Toddy footstool is completely unique, offering each customer of Yaffle & Bosk their own slice of Devon.

We asked Rob what traceability means to Yaffle & Bosk. 

“Traceability and integrity are what Yaffle and Bosk is about. We have pretty clear thoughts on this and really it comes down to three things; what we use, how we go about using it, and, what we end up sending out into the world. Using traceable UK grown timber is super important to us – we know that by making this choice we’re supporting the responsible management of our precious British woodlands and subsequently we all benefit from this as individuals and communities, and hopefully will do well into the future. It should be a genuinely sustainable, circular process. There are cheaper and far more profitable ways to do things, but as a business we choose anotherway. It’s not just about turning a buck!”

yaffle & Bosk

Supporting Our Customers.......

We like support all of our local (and not so local) customers as much as we can. We’re more than just a timber supplier in Devon to all of our customers and like to think we offer support, advice and a friendly chat when visiting our yard.

It’s always a pleasure to see Rob enter the yard, and once we’ve spent 15 minutes catching up and putting the world to rights, we get on with the timber selecting. Rob is one of our customers who knows what he wants, and with his vast experience can be left by a pack of timber to choose which boards suit his projects the best. He’ll choose each board by hand and measure each piece to get the maximum efficiency out of the wood. All this stems back to the environmental ethos that he carries through his company, and which designates with us as suppliers so much.

Rob’s showroom ,Yaffle & Bosk is open for visiting and is only a 20 minute drive from our sawmill and workshop here in Devon. Closer to the coast, you can find his workshop at Venn Valley Winery, where there is also a local bakery and a cafe to sit and have a cup of coffee whilst you choose which table you’re going to take home. All of Rob’s products can be viewed at the showroom, and then you can mix and match timber species to suit your home. For instance, you just love the Drift No.5 Table, but want in in Ash? Not a problem, Yaffle & Bosk is the place to visit for bespoke Devon furniture.

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