Yard Office, Devon

Over time the Chestnut cladding of our own Coppice & Crown office transforms into a beautiful silver colour if left untreated.

An office is an important place, one that we spend a lot of time, whether this be at home, or a place of work, its important you have a natural and inspiring space to work from. This is in fact our own Coppice & Crown office, and we felt it important to show off that we love what we do. We use all of our own external wood cladding and flooring wherever we can, and this space is no different. We wanted this space to be inviting, warming, but also inspirational to those who visit.

We chose a castle boarding style wood cladding made from Chestnut. Its durability and weight were two of the biggest positives we considered when creating this space, but looks were not far behind. Over time the Chestnut transforms into a beautiful silver colour if left untreated, and looks natural and soft next to the oiled oak door.

We chose a castle boarding profile when designing the wall cladding here. We did this by fixing 150mm boards with a 25mm gas between each board horizontally. We then fixed a 75mm board in the centre of each of these gaps to give the desired look. Some people call this hit and miss boarding, but it can also be called castle boarding, and it’s one of our favourites when discussing external cladding styles with customers.

External Cladding

We can provide lap, castle and waney edge boarding and other cladding profiles for your exterior projects.

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