A Sustainable Approach

Sawmill News / 17 July 2019

UK timber

Using only UK timber is an integral part of our ethos, and should be for everyone.

Tropical hardwood production is one of the biggest contributors to methane gas production. So whilst we sit back and think that timber is a renewable, carbon locking resource, we are wrong.

The increase of fast disposable furniture made using tropical imported woods has led to a rapid increase in the planting and felling tropical hardwoods overseas. A lot of the forests are not properly managed, as they have been planted at such a speed, that there has been little to no planning gone into the extraction process.

When these plantations are felled, the canopies and root systems are left in the soil to rot down and degrade leading to a significant production of methane.

In purchasing furniture and materials made using these hardwoods, we are only helping the industry, and encoring the production of greenhouse gases.

In purchasing and using timber grown and felled in the UK from only well managed and certified woodlands, we are helping to keep greenhouse gas emissions to a low and encourage the lock up of carbon through planting of new trees here in the UK.

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