Why We Plant Trees

Sawmill News / 30 June 2019

We live in a time surrounded by evidence of a warming planet. Climate change is not just on the agenda of Greta Thunberg, but thankfully also the UK Government. The planting and growing of trees can help build a solution to the problem, by no means an answer, but undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Replanting trees on a global scale is one way in which we can help to combat the climate change we’re facing. Several estimates have been predicted as to the number of trees we as a species would need to plant, but these depend on the availability of land, ability to incorporate agroforestry, timetables, and costs to name a few. However, there are 1.7 bn hectares of treeless land on which saplings could grow at the moment across the globe. By planting a tree, CO2 used for photosynthesis to enable growth is extracted from the atmosphere- thus removing CO2 which would otherwise contribute to global warming.

We in the UK contribute to approximately 2.5% of the global total of fossil fuel carbon emissions, and it is predicted that 30,000 hectares of trees would need to be planted a year to help counteract this.

Planting of trees not only helps lock up CO2 from the atmosphere but also provides habitats for wildlife that is struggling in our ever increasingly urban world.

The trees, if well managed, will also have other benefits, being felled and used as furniture, flooring, or biofuel, the carbon remains locked up in the material and provides space for more trees to be planted.

With well-managed woodlands in the UK, we should, as a nation, be able to sustain our need for timber without importing tropical hardwoods, whilst locking up carbon on an annual basis.

The planting of trees can significantly contribute to the solution of climate change, however, it is not a sole answer- and can only be relied upon with contribution from other avenues.

UK Hardwoods is currently collaborating with a tree planting company to offer an ability for customers to purchase a tree or grove to help offset carbon emissions.

In addition to undertaking extensive conservation works throughout the house, the family added a green Oak, timber framed long room, a live work design studio, an outdoor kitchen and Oak clad workshops.

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