November news with Christmas on its way

Sawmill News / 02 December 2022

christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree…..did you win our Christmas tree?

Thank you to all those who entered our Christmas tree competition this year. It’s been so encouraging to see how many of you have signed up to our ‘Above the Canopy’ newsletter. For those of you not signed up-  you can do so at the bottom of this page. For the one lucky winner, Emma, we’ll be sending a Devon grown Christmas tree along with Gisela Graham decorations to her home in Kent. A long way from Devon, agreed.  However we send flooring across the country most weeks, so it’s something that we’re used to. We’re hoping to run a lot more fun packed competitions going forward into 2023. Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully you will be on our winners list soon.

Talking of winners list, it wouldn’t be right to breeze into December without mentioning our visit up to The Wood Awards at The Carpenters Hall in London this November. Tom and Polly took the afternoon off to catch the train across in time for the evening’s events.

With four other shortlisted buildings in the commercial and leisure sector it was tough competition. Over 200 buildings entered the awards and although we didn’t come away holding the golden prize, we enjoyed getting close.  Each project showcased the very best of construction using wood in the UK with our UK grown storage shed being at the forefront of this innovation. We were the only building to have used UK timber throughout the project which for our business ethos, is just perfect.

With our sustainable business ethos in mind, we’ve been chipping our waste wood this November. This is a process that happens every 6-8 months once we’ve accumulated enough waste timber to chip. We use a Cornish based company who travel up with their woodchipper and spend the day at the yard processing all of our offcuts. Waste is kept to a minimum throughout our tree to floorboard process, but where we do produce it, we make sure there is an end use for it. We use all of our wood chip to heat our kiln through our biomass boilers and to keep our storage shed at the correct climate for all of our wood flooring.

So that’s it- we’re in December, which means Christmas, which means we’re going to be including a small but very Christmassy gift with every order we send out this month. Woohoo! We’ve chosen a local ceramics designer called Nicola Mary Designs who makes and kilns her own Christmas decorations as part of her timeless ceramics range. Based on the Devon/Somerset border and only 12 miles from our sawmill, Nicola hand makes all of her pieces from her home studio. Reflecting her love of nature and the countryside in each of her designs, we thought it the perfect gift to package off with our sustainable wood flooring. If you’re expecting a delivery from us this month, look out for a festive gift from us too……

christmas tree


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