October’s roundup of news from the sawmill

Sawmill News / 07 November 2022

Well excuse us while we get excited! We’ve been nominated AND shortlisted for the Wood awards 2022. Our heated storage shed above (otherwise known as our Ecobuild) has been 1 of 5 other buildings to be shortlisted this year. The judges visited in early October and had a tour of the mill and building. Now we just have to wait for the results (all fingers crossed please). This building has proved to be an integral part of our business and is where all of our wood flooring is stored before being sent off to our customers.

A baby has been born…..Why isn’t this news at the top of the page I hear you ask? Ed and his wife Katie have had a beautiful baby boy called Ronnie. He was actually born mid September, but his first visit the mill was a sunny afternoon this month. Ed is our Sawyer at the yard and mills every board that travels through our mill. Each wood floor board that is delivered to you has once passed through Ed’s saw.  He’s taken a bit of time off to welcome his son into the world, but is now back sawing with us (in between Facetiming Ronnie and Katie on an hourly basis). What’s not to love?

Munchkin Pumpkins for everyone. For some lucky customers this month we added some tiny munchkin pumpkins to your wood floor deliveries  as an autumnal treat. Perfect for your autumnal kitchen table decor or to put outside your front door as the nights get darker. We hope you enjoyed them. We like to think that it’s the little extra details like this that differentiate us from others and portray our approachable friendly ethos.

Why were the pumpkins so small I hear you ask? Well, we’ve been doing some research and found that according to  environmental campaign group Hubbub, 22.2 million pumpkins are estimated to be left uneaten this Halloween. Now that IS spooky! So, not only did we think the smaller the better, but we included only edible pumpkins that can be roasted or cooked after serving as your autumnal decor.

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