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Sawmill News / 05 June 2020

wood for good

We’ve become proud supporters of the Wood for Good campaign. Wood for Good is a campaign run by leading experts to promote the use of timber through construction and the built environment. By demonstrating the capabilities of wood, the campaign’s objective is to make the resource a first choice building material across the UK. The campaign explores the use of timber in construction through case studies, awards, journals and other sources. The importance of sustainability runs through their ethos, close to ours here at the workshop, which is why, along with other reasons, we became supporters.

Wood for Good promotes the health and wellbeing aspects of being exposed to timber in either our working or home lives. According to a study carried out by NHAPS (The National human Activity Pattern Survey): A Resource for Assessing Exposure to Environmental Pollutants, we spend nearly 90% of our time each year indoors. There is increasing importance in promoting the health benefits in using timber indoors helped through campaigns such as this. If we are to spend this amount of time indoors, we need to look at the health implications and how we can overcome the risks.

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The campaign also offers a lifecycle database for products. This is a useful tool for those wanting to compare different timbers if using them in their design. It also encourages specifiers to explore the possibility of timber in construction, where they may have dismissed it previously. The database offers product ranges in solid timber (which is where our flooring, and cladding would find itself) windows, panel products and structural products. Structural products is home to our beams and other construction pieces.

The campaign promotes awards such as RIAS Awards (Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland) and The Wood Awards which encourages the continuous design and construction of buildings using timber. The Structural Timber Awards and Housing Design Awards are two other examples which promote the use of wood and endorsed on the Wood for Good website. Innovation and sustainable design are key aspects throughout all of these award processes. 

wood for good awards
wood for good

Ongoing training and development opportunities are available through the campaign which we can use as a company to stay up to date with the use of timber in the industry. We also use the training videos and news articles to give advise to customers on their own designs and uses of timber. If you want any advise on using timber in a project you are completing, email us via our contact form. 



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