5 Exciting Steps To Sawing Our Devon Oak Beams

Sawmill News / 13 November 2023

devon oak beams

Devon Oak beams in bespoke dimentions

We craft our Devon Oak beams for use all across the Westcountry. In the heart of North Devon, where the air carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, UK Hardwoods has been transforming locally grown timber into masterful pieces of art since 1979. Our family-run ethos, combined with a staunch commitment to sustainability, has carved out a niche for us in the world of British woodwork. Today, we take you behind the scenes to reveal the meticulous process of sawing our renowned Devon wood beams using the esteemed Serra sawmill.

Our journey begins with the selection of the finest British timber, a resource that’s not just a material, but a slice of Devon’s natural heritage. It’s this wood, with its rich grains and unique character, that forms the soul of our beams. Each log is chosen with the future in mind – destined to support structures and warm homes as robust, solid wood beams. Tom will go and inspect every parcel of trees prior to the sawmill purchasing them. This ensures they’re the right grade and quality for our sawmill and end customer. 

Sawing Devon Oak beams since 1979

Enter our Serra sawmill – a marvel of engineering precision that allows us to uphold our tradition of quality.With a length up to 7.0m long and a saw blade up to 1.3m metres diameter, this machine cuts some rather large trees for us when we need. This isn’t just any sawmill; it’s a testament to how technology can enhance craftsmanship. The Serra sawmill’s blades slice through the timber with a precision that respects the wood’s natural beauty, ensuring that the integrity of the wood fibres remains intact, which is crucial for the structural strength of our beams. 

Sawing beams with our Serra sawmill is an orchestration of man and machine. Tom Bedford, our co-founder, often likens the sawing process to a symphony – where every cut is a note played in perfect timing. We’re renowned for creating beautiful beams of bespoke dimensions with your project in mind. Whether you’re after a Grade A structural oak beam or a prettier fireplace beam for your sitting room, we’ve got it covered. 

devon oak beams

Sustainability is in our roots

At UK Hardwoods, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the heart of our operation. Our Grown in Britain certification is not only a badge of honour but a promise to our community and clients that the wood we use is sourced with the utmost respect for environmental standards. By utilising our Serra sawmill, we maximise every log’s potential, minimising waste and ensuring that nothing is lost in the process of creating your Devon wood beams.

Our dedication to traditional craftsmanship means that when you choose a UK Hardwoods Devon wood beam, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing one of the finest Oak beams for your project, skilfully machined to last for generations. 

devon oak beams
devon sawmill

Quote to beam in less than 10 days

As we continue to saw our beams with precision and care, we invite you to become part of the UK Hardwoods family.  Whether for a new build or a restoration project, our Devon wood beams represent the pinnacle of British craftsmanship and sustainability.

We have an easy to use beam calculator on our website, but if you’re wanting a long quote, then always email us of rate best possible price. The lead time for our devon oak beams is usually 7-10 days from point of order, but again, we can accommodate to your project. 

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