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Sawmill News / 01 August 2019

Oak exterior cladding

Nourish in Braunton have used UK Hardwoods English Ash shelving throughout their store to complement the environmentally friendly products they offer as well as UK Hardwoods exterior cladding.

The health food store on Exeter Road, Braunton offer plastic free alternatives and eco friendly products for the family. Using local UK Hardwoods timber throughout their store was an important business decision for the company.

They offer a ‘self filling’ service of dried fruits, grain and dried pulses to encourage a plastic free lifestyle. They also sell harder to find plastic free cosmetics and cleaning products. Being one of the only shops in the local vicinity to offer this service, they have a captivated returning audience who enjoy the look of the shop and its ethos.

dried fruits, grain and dried pulses
Ash shelving

The owners of the Nourish were keen to use Ash for its brightening properties in a room. They felt that many health food shops sometimes felt stale and heavy, whereas by using Ash, they have created an modern wholesome store which invites customers to come in and have a look.

The cladding on the exterior of the property offers a fresh look to Exeter Road. The property stands out as an environmentally aware building, with nature being at the roots of the business. It’s well worth a visit if you’re passing near Braunton. Whether you’re stocking up for your holiday, looking for a some picnic pieces or looking to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, this is the place to go.

wood shop fittings
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