Dry hardwood in 100’s of perfect sizes

Sawmill News / 29 January 2024

quarter sawn oak

Dry Hardwood from British grown trees.....

Joinery timber is the backbone of many construction and woodworking projects, from crafting bespoke furniture to constructing stunning architectural elements. At UK Hardwoods, we specialise in producing exceptional joinery timber, and one of our standout offerings is our range of dry quarter sawn oak. 

We offer a range of thicknesses that have been slowly and professionally dried to perfection. We sell all of our dry hardwood at a moisture content of 10-11%. 

Our dry hardwood is ready to take away on the day. We don’t plane the timber to order with joinery pieces, but instead allow you to pick the boards you need for your wood project. Tom here offers advise, depending on your given project and will help you chose the right timber, and boards for your woodworking adventure. 

We’re renowned for the wide widths of timber that we expertly dry our boards to. If you’re needing to make an Oak shelf, or an Ash window seat or a chestnut bookcase, we’re here to help with our wide boards. We stock boards in widths excess of 300mm, so always pay us a visit if you need wide boards and hopefully we can help. 

dry hardwood
dry hardwood

Thick sizes of dry timber available........

We have a beautiful selection of dry timber ready for you to take a look at. some of our boards have been drying for 6 years + to help them dry slowly and to not stress the timber. A slow seasoning process, followed by a slow drying process is essential to help us provide you with the best quality hardwood around. We don’t ever kiln any of our boards over 28mm thick, but instead slowly season them in an airdrying shed (to 18% moisture content). We then position them in our climate controlled heated shed to get the boards do a level 10-11% moisture content. 

So how thick and long is out dry timber exactly? We stock sizes 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ 3″ and 4″. For the thinner sizes, we keep a healthy stock of hardwoods, Oa, Ash and chestnut. for the thicker sizes, it’s always worth sending us an email first to see if we have the right dry timber in stock ready for you. Our 100mm thick dry timber is only available in oak for example- some very special pieces. 

If you’re after quarter sawn oak in particular, you can read more about our process here and we can help you find the perfect pieces. 

dry timber

Our 28mm dry timber.........

We always keep a good stock of 28mm dry hardwood ready for you to sort through. You can come in and chose pieces of Ash, Oak or Chestnut for your project. All of our 28mm material is kiln dried in our kiln (which is run from waste wood chip). We advise that our 28mm material planes nicely down to 21mm, but any thicker and you could be left with missed patches during the planing stage. Again, we’re here to offer knowledge and guidance on all of the dry hardwood that we sell.

All of our flooring sold through our Coppice & Crown flooring website is kiln dried along with these 28mm boards, so you can be sure we always have enough in stock. 

The lengths of our boards vary, but we make sure where possible we stock exceptional lengths up to 4.5m. We help you get the best efficiency for your wood working project and so if you need shorter boards, and they are available we’ll advise you towards these instead.  As part of our sustainable ethos, we’d much rather get less wastage from a dry hardwood board, and so it is in our interest to point you towards the most efficient and eco conscious choice. 

We’re always here on a Tuesday & Thursday morning from 8:30-12:30 & welcome your arrival. We help you choose your boards, or we can leave you too it in the piece of your own designs to pick the right wood for you.  All of our timber is certified Grown in Britain and where possible, we can give you the exact location that a tree was grown. We stock wood from certain estates and woodlands, and can give you history and stories behind each parcel of wood.  

dry hardwood
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