Luxury Retailer Uses UK Hardwoods

Sawmill News / 13 January 2020

heritage oak flooring at Topsham

It’s been a busy few months spent designing and planning the wood flooring for a new venture with a luxury bespoke bed manufacturer, The Dartmoor Bed Co. A site opposite Darts Farm near Exeter has been chosen for their new flagship store. We’ve been working with the founder Stuart Cann who is excited to be using local timber from an established company such as UK Hardwoods for this new project. The sustainable and eco-friendly ethos of both companies is a perfect match.

Having visited our yard here in north Devon, The Dartmoor Bed Co. decided they would like to showcase three types of UK Hardwoods flooring; Character Oak , Ash and Heritage Oak. We brainstormed different ideas for creating solutions to lay the flooring so that the customer felt like they were being taken on a journey through the store. It was decided that a ‘path’ would be laid through the shop, changing flooring type at each intersection as customers travelled through the store. Customers could then easily choose the type of wood they would like to have their new bed lovingly crafted from.

character oak flooring at Topsham
Ash flooring at Topsham

Nearby Lympstone Manor, Michael Caines’ restaurant and hotel, have recently commissioned The Dartmoor Bed Co. to manufacture new luxury beds as part of a redevelopment project at the hotel. The Dartmoor Bed Co. are renowned for their use of natural materials throughout the bed manufacturing process and they source all of their materials for production on and around the Dartmoor area. These sustainable and environmentally friendly factors as well as the amazing quality and craftmanship of the beds appealed to Lympstone Manor.


The Dartmoor Bed Co. wanted to continue the sustainable and eco-friendly theme throughout their shop, emphasising the importance of sustainable practices in today’s manufacturing techniques. UK Hardwoods prioritises sustainable practices throughout its process, using solar energy for all our electricity and the waste product from the sawing process to provide all of our heat. Working in collaboration with such an enthusiastic and eco-friendly company has been inspirational for us.

heritage oak at Topsham

Check opening times for visiting the shop. Alternatively, if you would like to meet us at the shop to discuss our flooring please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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